Minnesota Fats on an interstate TV and Radio broadcast coming from Johnston City, IL “Jimmy Reid is here from LA and wants to play any man from any land, any game he can name, for any amount he can count, anything he can bring.” This was read to me by the Federal judge in front of the Grand Jury in ST. Louis MO the morning after the raid during the finals of the World’s only round robin tournament of 9 ball and 1 pocket that lasted 3 weeks, you played everybody. Well at the time of the raid I was at the top of the board in both divisions, can you imagine how deflated I was, for the first time in my life I wasn’t there to gamble, nobody would play. I was there to take dead aim at the tournament, everybody else turned down the last 3 playing 9 ball and I just beat Ronnie Allen 4/0 in the one pocket.


The Southwestern Open 9 Ball Champion, gave the field of 127 the call 8 as a handicap, still won. Corpus Christi, TX.


World Convention 9 Ball Champion, Lansing, MI


The only American invited to “The International Snooker Championship”. Finished 3rd losing 4 frames to 3 playing the eventual tournament champion Eric Connelly from England. I Won $1,000 extra for having the ‘High Break’ (high run) of the tournament.

Won “The World Convention 9 Ball Championship” Lansing, MI


 One Pocket Strategy!



BCA National 8 Ball Champion. Louisville, KY, Largest field ever, 4300 entries played on regulation tables.


World Classic 8 Ball Champion, 256 pros paying $600 entry fee. $25,000 1st. Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.


Runner up at Caesar’s Boardwalk Regency’s Last Call For 9 Ball. ESPN, won an extra $1,000 for running the most racks in the tournament (8) vs. David (the giant killer) Howard.


Beat Earl Strickland 14 ahead playing 10 ball the day after he won Red’s 9 Ball Championship.


US OPEN 9 BALL CHAMPION, Shot the highest accu-stat match of the entire tournament in the finals.


Beat Earl Strickland 12 ahead 9 ball the day after he won the Clyde Childer’s Memorial 9 Ball Championship in Richmond, KY.
Earl had beaten everyone else he gambled with except yours truly since 1983. Years later, in 1991 after Earl scalded me in a 9 Ball tournament in Canada, beat me 11 to 2 I think as he’s capable of doing. Normally we had a bunch of hill / hill matches but once he gets rolling, he comes at you like a freight train. Well, I as usual took the heat and woofed at him to play. Earl replied that he had quit gambling.
Then I said, I heard you just gave the great Mexican player Moro Paez the 8 and beat him for $20,000 last week in Reno. Then Earl replied, no I meant I quit gambling with you. Anybody else is welcome to play but you’re too tough. We both laughed, Earl’s okay when you get to know him. We had a few laughs the last time I saw Earl in Tokyo, talking about getting jerked around by the promoter’s and the tables, they were so fast the balls were coming off the rails faster than they went in.



The Best 8 Ball Break!



KING OF THE RING 9 BALL CHAMPION, Top 12 Players In The World Invitational. Televised by Key Media. Nick Varner 2nd..


Fl State 9 Ball Champion, Gainesville, FL. Efren Reyes 2nd. Jose Parica 3rd..

1992 & 1993

Won 6 European Open 9 Ball Tournaments and Back to Back winner of the Annual West German Open 8 Ball Championship, 256 entries in each.


Offered Ralph Souquet 2 games on the wire going to 11 after he won the 9 ball tournament in Bad Hamburg. I had just given Norbert Lang 2 games on the wire going to 7 and beaten him for $12,000 marks in four sets. Norbert reminded me of a young Louie Roberts in his attitude and straight shooting ability. I’d played perfect on Norbert and nobody is supposed to give him that game. Norbert was staking Ralph and Ralph refused the 2 games on the wire going to 11, he said he’d play with 2 games going to 9. So I said you just beat Bustamante and Ortmann and want me to beat you 9 to 6 to be able to win the money. No game.


At The Lexington All Star 9 Ball Championship on finals eve I was in my room with my German wife Larissa and if you’d ever seen her you’d be in the room too. Larissa was a traffic stopper and one of the few beautiful women in the world that was even more beautiful on the inside. The next day Larissa and I walked into the tournament and found that the night before at the urging of the spectators the players took a vote on who they thought was the best money player in the world. According to Buddy Hall it was easy, Buddy had said well has anybody ever beaten Jimmy Reid and after there was complete silence from virtually everyone in the room a group consisting of the top twenty 9 ball players in the world had VOTED ME THE BEST MONEY PLAYER IN THE WORLD FOR A QUARTER OF A CENTURY, 1969 – 1994!

  • 1994 – 2003 – Retired from Pool to care for 2 disabled family members and WWII veterans.
  • 2003 – 5th. Place, the BCA Invitational 9 Ball Championship, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.
  • 2003 – 5th Place, highest placing American player at the only US stop for the International Billiard Congress 9 Ball Championships.
  • 2005 – Won the last 2 tournaments I competed in at the Dixie Classic.


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Left to right; David Howard, Steve Mizerak, Mike Sigel, Allen Hopkins, Johnny Archer, Promoter-Barry Berman, Reed Pearce, Efren Reyes, Tommy Kennedy, Buddy Hall, Nick Varner, Mike LeBron, JIMMY REID and last but not least, winning more Green Jackets than anyone, Earl Strickland.